Diwali Rangoli

9:16 AM

There is no denying the fact that the art of Diwali Rangoli has got its impetus from the antique time in the Hindu mythology. The art of making Diwali Rangoli has been known to ward off evil spirits from the home or the spiritual place where it needs to be strained. For one point of view it can be said that Diwali Rangoli is mere dust, subject to the elements and passing time. In another, it holds within it the timeless act of creation. Diwali Rangoli is a conventional art of decorating courtyards and walls of Indian houses, places of worship and sometimes eating places as well.

The Diwali Rangoli is made with the help of powder made out of white stone, lime, rice flour and other cheap paste to draw the ritual designs. The matter of fact remains that the drawing of Diwali Rangoli does not require any training. Other then any formal training the art is transferred from one generation to other. The art of Diwali Rangoli is known with different names in different area in India. Each state of India has its unique style of making Diwali Rangoli. One characteristic of Diwali Rangoli is that it is painted by common people. People make rangoli not just to smarten their houses on special.

occasions like Diwali, Holi but also make it on a daily basis to bedeck their houses. It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi resides in that house where a well made rangoli is made at the doorstep of the house. Rangoli is generally made by beautiful designs and patterns that are created on the floor. They are filled with different colors prepared with rice or wheat flour and other materials. Rangoli is called by different names in different regions. Such festival is used extensively to give expensive gifts by contactors and businessmen.