Diwali decorations

9:10 AM

In India, Diwali is the time for spring cleanout of the house and to give it a fresh and dazzling new looks with fancy diwali decorations. Every year on Diwali people give a fresh coat of paint to their house and decorate it with something customary yet fashionable diwali decorations. There are a whole lot of traditional diwali decorations connected with the festival of Diwali. These diwali decorations are being carried out since ages and are improved every year with new ideas and techniques to suit modern tastes and requirements. Diwali being a festival of lights, add an individual touch to your diwali decorations.

Diwali decorations can include designing or modifying your wall lights by doing simple things. Simple diwali decorations like rice paper lanterns can be made. You can even pick a glass globe from the lighting Fixture Company and get a carpenter to make a wooden bracket to accommodate the globe, and put it on the wall. This will make one of the great diwali decorations.

If your bedroom lacks brightness and you do not have time to get it repainted before Diwali, putting a bright painting, throwing in some bright colored cushions, wrapping a cotton ornamental sari to your curtain will make a perfect diwali decorations. You could buy economical earthenware pots and urns from the market and give your home an exclusive diwali decorations touch by decorating them yourself. For diwali decorations you can dye a broad rope of any color you want and apply fevicol and wrap it around the clay earthen pot the way you want. A combination of pots of various sizes would make your diwali decorations more dramatic. Diwali decorations like shallow terracotta vessels could be filled with water, flower petals strewn in them and candles/diyas be made to float in them for that special Diwali atmosphere.